So as a Follow up to People Hinting

So I pose this question to the world as more of a rhetorical question, but I suppose that if you happen to have any real insight into an answer I suppose that would be appreciated.

Why the hell can’t people just tell you something instead of trying to be subtle about things?

More specifically, women doing this more than guys, and even more specifically in the world of dating in general.

If you are not interested in going out, then just tell me that! Don’t pretend to try to make plans with me and have them fall through, and don’t tell me “yeah, I am definitely still interested” if you really are not. Just because you canceled some plans we had one weekend, that doesn’t mean I am going to take that as a hint that you are not interested in getting together because I especially won’t take it as a hint if I ask you about rescheduling and you say you need to check your work schedule but you do want to reschedule.

Sorry, but your statement of interest trumps any hint you might be trying to give me.

Also, in this dating world, I am not a fool, I know that you are in contact with more than one person, but if you meet someone, and you want to explore that with them, then it would be really really really nice to update those other people who you have been talking to about your change of situation.

You women need to realize that men have a fine line to walk with regards to dating and trying to find someone to date. We struggle with trying to find a nice even middle of the road for communication where we will be in communication with you enough to make sure you know we are interested in you, but we also need to make sure that we do not over communicate and freak you out and make it look like we are obsessed with you, even though we have never met.

Honestly, many of you make that really tough with “subtle” hints instead of just speaking your mind.

We are grown men, and no matter what Colonel Jessup may have said, we can handle the truth.



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