Ok, So the Series of Events…

My sister is getting a whole bunch of kitchen cabinets from my aunt because she is doing a remodel of a house down in Mattapoisett that my cousins bought together.

So I went to my mom’s house to meet up with my sister and my mom to get a truck and go get them and bring them back, in the mean time my sister and her boyfriend met me there so that I could give them back the noise canceling headphones I borrowed to see if I wanted to spend the $50 on a pair of Sony, or spend the $300 on a pair of Bose or Brookstone.

So I get there and everyone is in the kitchen, I take the headphones out of my bag and my sister puts out her hand palm down to get them from me. Since the Brookstone ones were in a case with a caribiner on them and the sony were in a bag, I had attached them together. So in being the person I am, I hung them by the string across her middle finger.

She turns to her BF and says something, “See what I mean?”

My other sister then reaches over, and moves them from the middle finger to the finger next to it, and says “So how did you like those headphones?”

I start off into an explanation about which ones I liked and did not like and I am interrupted slightly by my sister’s BF who says “It is a family trait isn’t it?”

I stop and look at them and say “What do you mean by that? Because I connected and attached together the 2 things I was going to give you?”

At this point they all shake their heads and my other sister then grabs me and my head and pulls me forward and puts my face about 2 inches from my sisters hand and says “How bout them headphones”

To which I then pause, realize that the headphones were not really what they were talking about.

My response now……


Sitting on my sisters left ring finger(the one my other sister moved the headphones to) is a quite large multi-diamond ring glistening in the poor lighting of my mother’s kitchen.

She got engaged the night before, and was attempting to be subtle to make me notice the ring, yeah, it did not work. This seems to be a trend with women lately, and I will cover that in another blog.

So now I get the back story, and realize exactly why my sister’s BF, now fiance, made the comment about it being a family trait. Both my mother and my sister did not realize that she had the ring on either when she walked in and was pointing around and asking ridiculous questions about where to put George’s(her dog) food for when he goes to my mom’s house to be dog sat while they were in Jamaica in a couple weeks.

Yeah, for some reason my family is all oblivious to subtlety like that, we get fixated on a task and block out things that don’t really matter or pertain to the task at hand, this is both a good thing and a bad thing at times I suppose, but at least we get the job done!

I heard the story about how he did it and I will share that in another blog later, it was kind of a nice and cute story.

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