I need to plan better…

So I failed to get any laundry done this past weekend and I slacked and did none on Monday while I was home and then realized I needed to do laundry to pack to go away this week….

So I said screw it on Tuesday morning and put on clean clothes, and then packed a suitcase full of dirty laundry, and then tossed in some powdered Tide, and I will just do laundry when I get to the hotel.

fast forward….

6:30 and I am at the hotel, just picked up dinner and am back at my room eating it… Red Sox start in 30 minutes so I am ready for it and put off doing the laundry til later since I only have to walk downstairs to do it.

10pm rolls around, and the game is wrapping up, Sox win, YAY.

I go to look at the hotel map and see where the laundry is exactly, but I can’t find it and I go down to the desk to ask.

uh oh, this hotel has no laundry – only one I have ever been to that doesn’t, that sucks.

Is there a laundromat nearby? certainly, right across the street, but wait, oh yes, it closes at 10….


backup clothes are on today and hopefully I will be out of here in time to hit up a laundromat before I go to the airport for my flight tonight….


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