Game One Against the Pros

So the games against the Pros go in order of the Championship team first, and then follow it down the line from there.

Gedman’s Bombers were the lead off team, they played well but managed to lose 1-0.

We then played the second game and lost 4-0. We pitched ok, and we fielded ok but the Pros are just that much better. We were lucky with the first inning we kept them to only 1 run. Butch Hobson scored on a bloop fly into right that I stumbled slightly while running in to get it before throwing it in, I think if I hadn’t stumbled I might have been able to throw him out at home.

That was when I felt the first twinge of pain in the elbow again.

Next batter was Chad Epperson, he never played in the major leagues but he is one big guy with a lot of power. He launched a high fly into right field where I was playing, I had to back up about 15 feet or so but I managed to reel in the hit to get the 3rd out of the inning.

I am not sure if it was being tired or sore or being dehydrated, which I still am even a couple days later, but my depth perception was all kinds of screwy on that catch, there were no clouds in the sky at all and the ball was kinda shimmying as it sailed through the air, I kinda prayed I would catch it and I was fortunate to do so and make the out.

Second inning came along and I was back in right field, they had a couple guys on base and U.L. Washington came up to the plate. So I shifted to closer to the line since he is a lefty hitter(toothpick and all). I then thought to myself, “Maybe I should be 10-15 feet back from here” but then as soon as I finished that thought there was a crack of the bat and I was right, I should have been about 15 feet back from where I was.

I took off running as best i could and with an outstretched arm I missed the ball by about 2 feet, it then bounced and rolled to the wall in right field. I ran, got the ball and chucked it in to the cutoff man and then let out a scream, both because I was annoyed for not being in the right position, but also because the pain I felt in my elbow radiated all the way up my arm and it made me wish I could just cut my arm right off to kill the pain.

They scored their 3 run maximum and the inning was over.

I was the lead off guy for the 3rd inning and I was in so much pain I had an absolutely horrible at bat against Walter Miranda who was pitching for the Pros. I swung 3 times and missed 3 times. Fortunately for me, all 3 were actually strikes so I didn’t feel too bad, but I just couldn’t get the bat around fast enough because of the pains in my elbow, hips, and groin.

I am 30 but I felt like I was a 90 year old guy who could barely walk.

Joe then grounded out, and then so did Steve to end the game.

I then went up into the visitors clubhouse and changed into street clothes after getting a nice big ice wrap for my elbow which was throbbing, unfortunately it wasn’t doing the complete job of soothing the pain, so I popped 2 advil, and then Phil was kind enough to give me 6 tylenal with codine. I took 2 and saved the rest for later if I needed them.

I watchehd a few of the following games because there were no shuttles back to the hotel until after noon, so me and some of the guys sat down on the first base line and watched the games while snapping some photos and meeting some of the wives and kids of our teammates. I also met Bill Lee’s wife at that point, a very nice woman.

It was at this point that the gift shop was opened and I thought about going to buy something for the players to sign, but I realized I left my wallet back at the hotel. Joe had already gone and gotten an oversized Red Sox License Plate, and he was having the players all sign it. I liked the idea and he was nice enough to spot me the money to go get one, and then I had the players sign it. I managed to walk through the dugout to get them all, and then got Joe Castiglione’s signature as well as Joe Morgan’s on my way out.

When I was getting Joe C’s he complimented my team again on the job we did in the Championship game even though we did not win. He couldn’t stop talking about how we made 4 double plays during the 7 inning game, and how we just missed making 2 more.

I don’t think it is a stat they track, but they might start to next year, we averaged almost 3 double plays per game for the week, we ended up the week with at least 20, probably closer to 25 by my estimates.

So then it got to be about 1, and I headed out to the shuttle and went back to the hotel, I was tired…

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