Welcome Back Youk and the Large Father!

Last night was a great game by the Red Sox.

The night started against the Blue Jays with the Red Sox sitting in 2nd place behind the Blue Jays by 2.5 games after a win the night before 2-1.

The rookie Cecil was pitching for the Jays and he was doing pretty well until the 3rd inning when Jason Varitek leads off the inning with a Home Run. Then Julio Lugo hits a double, gets to third on a bunt single by Jacoby and then scored when Pedroia hits into a double play. Followed up by Big Papi Ortiz striking out, the pit that is 3rd in the order continues to grow deeper.

It was a scary moment for Cecil though who laid himself out trying to catch the bunt popup by Jacoby. He landed really awkwardly and it was thought he might have injured his shoulder. As Eck said on the broadcast, it wasn’t a smart thing for a pitcher to try and do, but it was instinct to try to catch the ball and get the out. Fortunately he was alright and stayed in the game.

Boopie doopie doo… 4th inning was boring and then we come to the 5th inning. Jason Varitek is up at the plate to lead off the inning. POW, home run to lead off the inning for number 7 on the year.

Wait, What? Who? Jason Varitek just hit another home run? Jason Varitek is tied for 2nd on the team with 7 home runs for the season and it’s only May? Who is this guy and where was he last year?

So then things really started rolling after that. Lugo grounded out to 3rd, followed by a walk to Ellsbury. Pedroia steps into the box and drives a nice hard shot into right center for an easy stand up double while ellsbury tries to go first to home for the score. I am pretty sure he actually scored because I think the tag missed him, but with the angle for home plate umpire Marty Foster put him at a disadvantage, so it looked like Ellsbury was out. Pedroia then advanced to 3rd on the throw home.

So now Papi is at the plate and every stands up and gives him a standing ovation to show their support for him in this eternal slump that he appears to be in. Then… BOOM! He hits a home run into straight away center field!! The ball went over at about 370 feet! It may have barely made it over the fence, but who cares? It made it over the fence!! His first home run on 150 at bats dating back all the way to last year!! His teammates gave him the “rookie cold shoulder” when he went back to the dugout after trotting around the bases, but then surrounded him with hugs, high fives, and pats ont he head and back for the hit. He then took a moment to step to the top of the dugout stairs to wave his hat in thanks to the fans who were cheering him, even in the home run drought.

Why stop the train from rolling, right? Jason Bay followed him 2 batters later after a Kevin Youkilis single for his team leading 12th home run which sailed well over the Green Monster and bounced off cars in the garage accross the street. Then Mike Lowell followed up with a back to back shot over the left field fence as well which put the Red Sox in a comfortable 8-0 situation. Rocco Baldelli managed to hit a triple to left center but was stranded on base by Varitek who struck out to end the inning.

The game was a good one and the Red Sox have taken the first 2 games in a 3 game series with the Jays, I have high hopes for tonight in hopes of a clean sweep of the first series of the year. That would put the Red Sox 1/2 game off the Jays with 2 fewer wins, and 1 fewer loss.

Youk was back last night, went 3/5, and Lugo went 1/4 and is still above .300 with his average. Now if Lugo can keep this up and stop with all the on the field errors, then I might not mind him hanging around. I think he’s a good #9 hitter, so if he gets on base we don’t have a slow poke sitting in front of Jacoby who leads off the order.


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