Camp is Over….

Well, camp is now over. I was so busy that past couple days that I just haven’t had time to update this at all.

We spent a better part of the morning on Saturday over at City of Palms Park. When Joe and I woke up, we didn’t realize the schedule of the shuttles to get us over to the PDC and then to CPP, so we went downstairs and found out that shuttles were going over at 7:00, 9:00 & 11:00.

It was now 8:00 and our game was approximated to be at 9:30, but we are supposed to be at the park an hour before the game.

Hmmm, Are we going to get there on time? lemme shake the magic 8 ball…. “Outlook not so good”

Fortunately, while Joe called Bryan about the shuttle, I talked to the hotel shuttle and he said he could squeeze a trip directly over to CPP for us, which is good because me and Joe cleaned out our lockers at the PDC the night before and did not have to go back there at all. The other two guys in the lobby did though, but there were shuttles running from the PDC to CPP constantly, just not to the hotel.

So we get over to the game and get ready.

More to come later…

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