Opening Night

Wow, camp hasn’t even started yet but this is just a plain old awesome time!!

Slept in this morning before checking out of my hotel to come over to the Crowne Plaza. Got here and found out we could check in early, so I checked in with Joe and then we went up and started to unpack our stuff.

Joe has a ton of stuff compared to me, bats, gloves – everything and he gave me an extra mini-helmet that he bought, and a silver sharpie so I can have the guys sign it, on top of some of my cards I brought with me!

We had a Super Bowl viewing party and welcoming dinner down in the ballroom. It was great, all the campers and most of the coaches were there. Joe Castiglione announced all the coaches who stood up and were acknowledged, and then we got some last minute info and then just went on to enjoy the game.

On top of all that, they had the 2007 World Series Trophy and the 2007 & 2004 World Series rings over in one corner so we could pose for photos. Not just pose, but I got to put the ring on and GOT TO HOLD THE WORLD SERIES TROPHY!

I met and talked to Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd who is hysterical to listen to and is totally here to have some fun this week. I also met and spoke to Bill “The Spaceman” Lee who is certainly and interesting fellow. He lives in in Vermont(certainly looks the part doesn’t he? WikiLink) now and is in the process of starting a small company that will make bats. He has a few bats here with him, if I end up on his team then I can use one.

Then we watched the Super Bowl. They did a “squares” pool for everyone(link if you don’t know), $10 a square and then 1st quarter was $150, halftime was $200, 3rd Quarter was $150 and end of the game is $500.

I had the Square for Cardinals 7, and Steelers 0.

2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and I was excited, if the scored remained this, then I would win $200. Awesome.. but the Cardinals were driving… they were within field goal range and I was cheering for a fumble or an interception so they wouldn’t change the score and I would win… I got my wish… ALMOST…

With 18 seconds left, Warner throws a pass to the endzone and is PICKED OFF!!



The Steelers start to run the ball back… 20 yard line… 30 yard line.. 40 yard line.. SOMEONE TACKLE HIM!! 50 yard line… 40 yard line… 30 yard line… time has now expired… SOMEONE TACKLE HIM!!! 20 yard line… 10 yard line… TACKLED BUT TOO LATE!!! TOUCHDOWN STEELERS!!


So close yet so far…

Well, the story ends well… I ended up winning the 3rd quarter with the 20-7 score, since the 0 and the 7 were in the right spots, so $150 was mine, REDEMPTION!!!

Time for bed now… long week starts tomorrow!!!

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