Wooties: Boba Fetch

Bringing new meaning to the term “hunting dog.”

Woot Shirt, Boba Fetch

Woot Shirt, Boba Fetch

2nd place in Derby #213: Dog Days, with 823 votes!

You ever watch Dog, a Bounty Hunter? No, not Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog, a Bounty Hunter. It’s pretty similar to Dog the Bounty Hunter except instead of being about a big guy with tons of blond hair, it’s about an actual dog. And instead of going after people, he’s going after inanimate objects.

Oh man, there was this great one where Dog goes after a stick that posted bail after a hit-and-run but won’t show up for any of his court dates. So Dog has to go talk to the stick’s mom, a tree, and it’s totally obvious that she knows where the stick is but won’t tell. In the end Dog finds the stick hiding out in a pile of leaves, though, and buries him alive while the tree watches in terror. It’s pretty intense!

But my favorite episode was probably the one about the tennis ball. So the tennis ball totally stole its brother-in-law’s Camaro and so Dog hunts him down and brings him to the authorities (his owner). But for some reason whenever you think they’ve got things under control, the ball flies out of his owners hand and across the lawn, and Dog needs to go get it again and bring it back. It’s a total thrill ride!

When’s it on? Usually 9pm, you know, because of the adult content. But it’s actually filmed in and around my neighbor’s backyard. You should come over! I can totally get us passes so that we can go around with the crew!

Wear this shirt: When you’re out cruisin’ in your El Kamino.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you think Star Wars references are a load of [Jeremy] Bullochs.

This shirt tells the world: “Boba Fett is my favorite fictional bounty hunter, and there’s not a doggone thing you can do about it!”

We call this color: blue that has given in to its dark side, or navy.

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