Wooties: The Answer is Science!

Let Down

Woot Shirt, The Answer is Science

Woot Shirt, The Answer is Science

Oh science, why you gotta get me so excited like that?

Science doesn’t just say “We want the pig to fly”; it says, “We want the pig to TEACH ITSELF how to fly.” And science doesn’t just say, “Let’s make the peanut butter smoother; it says, “Let’s make the peanut butter that yearns to be smooth, so that it’s smoothness will be the source of great pride and thus taste even creamier.”

Science says, “Let’s make toilet paper that you can talk to,” and science says, “What if volcanoes erupted chocolate instead of lava?” and science says, “we should totally make it so that clouds spell out positive things about the people who look up at them.”

And then science does something boring like publishing a paper about the weather. My point: science is such a tease.

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