Wooties: Trying to Sing

Woot Shirt, Trying To Sing

Woot Shirt, Trying To Sing

Crow in Control

Birds of a feather flock together.

Little known fact: the music industry is controlled by crows. It’s true. All the great singers, all the great song writers, all the great studio musicians, crows all of them. No, they don’t look like crows, but that’s all plastic surgery.

Think about it: haven’t you ever wondered why you always see up-and-coming recording artists picking through the trash on garbage day? Or how sometimes you’ll hear a crow squawk and it’ll seem perfectly in tune to the song on the radio? Or how there’s always feathers on stage after a big pop star performs? All makes sense now, doesn’t it?

It also explains what happened to the Counting Crows. They release one perfect album – August and Everything After – and then all but disappear? Sound odd to you? Well, it was because of their name! saying a little too much, and ruffling a few important feathers, if you will.

Wear this shirt: to the studio to lay down some tracks!

Don’t wear this shirt: around real crows during mating season.

This shirt tells the world: “I murder music.”

We call this color: concert cancelled due to asphalt-y wiring.


This one is just tough to see given the dark background with the black bird, but that is probably the point. I thought that it originally was something to do with EAP and the Raven, but no, nothing like that. I wear it sometimes, but it’s not in common in the rotation.

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