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All Uploaded

So they are all there, all the video from my Europe trip has been uploaded to the video sub-blog, a lot of them are kind of boring, but they are what they are, a view of some of the things I saw while riding around.

This is not yet totally complete, I am going to go back through them and adjust the dates and times of the posts the best I can to put them in some semblance of order so you know what I saw first, or saw last, and hopefully it will make some sense, although probably just to me.


**update, all the dates have been updated to pretty much when they happened, the camera’s date and time was off, but it was consistently off, so I think I got em all right now.**


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So Much Time…

I have realized that I really do spend a lot of time obsessing over getting something just right with just the right look to it.

So this was the default logo that came with the “Stumblr” theme that I am using on the video sub-blog.


It looks pretty good, and it flows well for color etc., but I like to do things my own way a little bit, so I took a little time, ok, I took A LOT of time since I am not so savvy in the ways of manipulating digital media and my artistic talents lie more with physical media than online media.

but this was the end creation after an hour futzing around with different things within Paint Shop Pro 8.


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So I Am Adding Video…

So I am adding video to my site, I have create a sub-blog just for video and it’s own theme and everything, it can be found here:

Yes, I know I can easily put these up on YouTube, and I may do that at some point, but there is something about hosting it myself and not needing to worry about someone making a claim to YouTube about copyright violations because there is music in the background that belongs to them or something else dumb like that. I actually had a video taken down from YouTube that I recorded at a Red Sox game because Blurred Lines was playing in the background of the video where I was recording other fans dancing around to the song.

While I am all for protecting copyrights and such, there’s definitely a point where things just go too too far, and don;t even get me started on the whole Super Bowl name thing and the NFL’s anal retentiveness with that.

So here is a link to the first video I have up and running, it is just a quick one of part of the train ride from my hotel outside of Munich into the city on the first day I was there prior to picking up the bike which happened the next day.


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