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So I Am Adding Video…

So I am adding video to my site, I have create a sub-blog just for video and it’s own theme and everything, it can be found here:

Yes, I know I can easily put these up on YouTube, and I may do that at some point, but there is something about hosting it myself and not needing to worry about someone making a claim to YouTube about copyright violations because there is music in the background that belongs to them or something else dumb like that. I actually had a video taken down from YouTube that I recorded at a Red Sox game because Blurred Lines was playing in the background of the video where I was recording other fans dancing around to the song.

While I am all for protecting copyrights and such, there’s definitely a point where things just go too too far, and don;t even get me started on the whole Super Bowl name thing and the NFL’s anal retentiveness with that.

So here is a link to the first video I have up and running, it is just a quick one of part of the train ride from my hotel outside of Munich into the city on the first day I was there prior to picking up the bike which happened the next day.


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