Severe Pet Peeve

Ok, now I know there are all kinds of conspiracy etc etc about 9/11 and what people think really happened, this is not a blog about that or their beliefs.

This is about all those Americans out there who are trying to prove how great of an American they are by showing off the flag of our country.

There are few things in this world that bother me, and the treatment of our nations flag is one of them, whether you want to uphold your right to free speech and protest by doing things like burning it or other forms of desecration, well I suppose that is your right, but honestly, you are one fucked up individual if you chose to do things like that. That flag is not just some random material that was thrown together, it is a symbol of our country, our fight for freedom, the blood spilled by our forefathers who made it possible for us to exist in this country the way we do today.

You may think that desecrating this symbol is a protest about our government in this day and age, but it really is not anything of the sort, that flag is not a symbol of what our leaders are doing in the present day, that flag is a symbol of what our forefathers were able to accomplish for us, and what those soldiers a long time ago volunteered for and paid for with their own blood.

it is not a symbol of WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq I, Iraq II or any other confrontation that our country has been in within the last century, it is a symbol of our forefathers from the revolutionary war, and a symbol of the way our country sticks together when it has to.

There are specific rules on when and how a flag should be displayed and honored at all times, as well as how it should be folded, stored, as well as the proper upkeep of our flag.

If you have any questions about anything that involves our flag, feel free to ask me and I will be happy to explain the proper way that it can and should be displayed, how it needs to be folded, stored, and if one becomes torn, tattered, or dirty, the proper way to retire a flag, or the proper people to give it to in order to allow it to be properly retired with the respect it deserves.

for reference:

These people are NOT being patriotic with their use of the flag, no matter how good their intentions are, their actions undermine their intent and their pseudo-patriotism.

These are clear examples of improper methods of display of a flag, and a disgusting desecration of our flag to suit their political agenda.

A link for the US code which describes proper care and display requirements for our flag.

Proper Flag Treatment

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