Warning For You Fans of 80’s Technology

So… I was relayed a story from a friend earlier tonight and it should serve as a warning for any of you out there who may use this product.

So it was late in the night and alcohol had been involved, but the passion would not be stopped by anything as minor as that…. it was hot, it was rough, it was sweaty and bodies were entangled and slapping with the hardcore lust of two individuals engulfed in the passion….

Then, something weird started to happen… the light across the room began to turn itself off and then on again, over and over…. at first it was ignored, but then it was noticed… and then the laughing and degradation of the moment began…. and the light stopped blinking on and off….

This light….

This small insignificant little light in the corner was turning off and on because of the lust between these individuals… and not because of the banging and movement of the bed causing the light plug to jiggle in and out of the wall….

it was caused by the noise… the hot passionate collision of bodies was making a slapping sound… almost like someone was clapping… yes… clapping… clap on, clap off, THE CLAPPER!!!

So yes, all of you out there who use this vital tool of 80’s television ads be warned, if you use the clapper, then you too could be subjected to uncontrollable turning off and on of the lights in your room if you engage in rough, passionate sex!!!


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