So We Have What? 23 Hours?

23 hours until Free Agency in the NFL is in full swing…

2 big key things to watch for are Donte Stallworth and Randy Moss for the Pats, personally I would like to see both of them back for the team next year, and put up another stellar year like they did this year, but if I had to pick only 1, I would have to go with Moss.

My real hope lies in Randy’s ability to be consistent and happy with the team, if he can be kept happy and just enjoy the team he is on then there won’t be any problems with him, but if he somehow gets a huge salary with lots of guaranteed money, then things could potentially get ugly like they did in Oakland… but I have faith in the fact that he might want to shed his slacker reputation gained from his time on the Raiders and end his career on a high note, or several in order to seal what is already almost a certainty 5 years after he has retired from the game…

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