Free Agency Changes

Well, Free agency has been in full swing for a couple days now and the Patriots already have seen some major changes.

Donte Stallworth(WR) has signed a 7 year deal with the Cleveland Browns, so he is out of town.

Asante Samuel(CB) has signed a 5 year deal with Philadelphia Eagles.

Rosevelt Colvin(LB) – Released

Kyle Brady(TE) – Released

Oscar Lua(LB) – Released


Tedy Bruschi(LB) re-signed to a multi-year deal

Lonie Paxton(LS) re-signed to a 1 year deal

Kelley Washington(WR) re-signed

T.J. Slaughter(LB) – signed from Free Agency

No Decision yet:

Eugene Wilson(S) – Free Agent
Rashad Moore(DT) – Free Agent
Junior Seau(LB) – Free Agent
Chad Scott(CB)  – Free Agent
Jabar Gaffney(WR) – Free Agent
Mel Mitchel(S) – Free Agent
Randall Gay(CB) – Free Agent
Troy Brown(WR) – Free Agent
Randy Moss(WR) – Free Agent

Junior Seau and Troy Brown, I think will retire if they don’t re-sign with the Patriots. Junior is 39 and been int he league for 18 years, only reason he would come back is for that ring. Brown was drafted by the Pats in 1993 and has spent all 15 years with the Patriots, and this past year severely limited due to injury, so who knows?

At this point, Randy Moss has not been signed, so he is a full, unrestricted free agent out on the market right now. Reports indicate the Patriots made him an offer, but he refused it since he felt he was worth much more, which makes sense considering the stats he put up this past year while playing. There are a couple different rumors of what is going to happen with him floating around right now.

One of the rumors is Jerry Jones offering him a large contract to go play in Dallas, for some reason I am doubting this one, only because TO and Randy on the same team would probably implode the team as a whole with 2 guys who have large egos and are 2 of the top 5 recievers out in the league.

One of the other rumors is Philadelphia looking to pick up Moss as well, to add to the big names they have already signed, but I don’t see this one as very likely either, I just don’t think they have the money available in the cap to get this done.

The last and most interesting rumor of all concerning Moss is the report that he has been talking with Daunte Culpepper who is also a free agent this year, about trying to package themselves together for a reunion from their Minnesota days to market to a team who needs both a QB and a top of the line WR. This is going to be interesting and we will see how that shakes out for them.

The Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Running Backs, and of course, Quarterback positions are all going to remain the same this up coming year since all players are still under contract by the Patriots.


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