Pats Add 2 More to the Roster

Sam Aiken and Jason Webster have been signed by the Patriots this week.

Aiken is a well respected Special teams player, as well as an occasional WR. I think he will used much more as a WR on the Pats than he was while on the Bills. For one thing, he will have a much better QB throwing at him, and second, the Pats need a good mid-range receiver, which he could become if he can take a hit while going across the middle.

Jason Webster is a big question mark in my mind, he was hurt last year in 1 game, and then he was also out for half the season before. I can’t really remember ever seeing him play, and he is not a shut down corner by any means because if he was he wouldn’t have been that cheap and he wouldn’t have been available, but we will see. I have learned to trust Pioli and Belichick when it comes to evaluating talent, so this could be a great signing, and it helps fill in the backfield some more.

Also to note, both players are coming from the Bills, so that probably helped them some and the Pats are probably hoping to get some inside info from them about the Bills and their play.


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