Day 3 of Camp

So today was a big day, we played Hobson’s Hornets in the morning and Miranda’s rights in the afternoon.

Same early morning training regimen as yesterday, only we had pancakes instead of eggs cuz the eggs had green things in them that I was incapable of identifying, so I skipped em and had pancakes with bacon and some fruit.

Game one against Hobson’s Hornets was over at the little field at the big park, we helped them keep their perfect record going, and they were 0-5 when we were done with them. We beat them 6-1 missing our starting second baseman and me feeling pretty rough, my hand was kinda sore on the fatty part of the palm by the thumb, But I went 1-3 and scored a run. Bill Lee’s team the Lefties also won their morning game so it put us still tied atop our division with a 4-0-1 record.

We had lunch and I got Mike Greenwell’s autograph on the helmet, the bat, and 3 of his cards. His 1987 rookie card, his 1988 All Star Card, and a 1989 Sport Illustrated for Kids card. Super nice guy that told a few hilarious stories about playing so I can share those later when I have more time to type them out. I also got to hear a couple good stories from my coach Monty about some of is experiences while playing.

So I also spoke with Frank Malzone today, turns out my mom emailed me and asked me to say hello to him since she was apparently the babysitter for his kids in the early 1960’s. Well, he actually remembers here, which is neat.

So then we go into the afternoon game. I was sore, I was really sore. I ended up sitting on the bench and did not play the field, but I did bat. I went 1-3 but man did it hurt and I looked like a 80 year old man running down the line. I need to do some work tomorrow morning to not let that happen.

We were fortunate though, we beat Miranda’s Rights who were 4-1 coming into the game. We beat them 9-3. So that puts us at 5-0-1 for the week so far!! I think you can technically say we are undefeated!! Lee’s team also won though. So we are still tied with one morning game tomorrow and then the championship game is tomorrow afternoon, along with the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th place games. The championship game is over at City of Palms Park.

I think we can do this, I just need to be stretched out real well tomorrow so I can run and play defense, I may take it easy in the morning game so I don’t risk screwing anything up for the afternoon game.

I am pretty confident we are gonna do well tomorrow, our morning game is against Valentin’s Vikings who I think are 1-5 so far, and we are going to have the coaches pitching as well, and we tend to hit pretty well against Victor our coach, we put up 17 runs with him pitching on Wednesday.

After the game there were 2 options, either playing Whiffle Ball over at the City of Palms Park with a BBQ, or going to a cigar bar with open bar and pizza and such. I chose the cigar bar, even though I don’t smoke at all. It was a great time, I got to talk to a bunch of guys, saw a total whore walking with her boobs almost hanging out and also got to chat with Luis Tiant, who’s personal cigar aficionado opinion of the cigar bar was “You don’t want any of these, they are crap”

Good times, good pics and good time to go to bed… big day tomorrow!!!

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