T-Minus 20 Days

Well, here is my first post for the blog. I have had a few blogs in the past but I never seem to be able to keep up with them for very long because the interest in them just sort of wains and I give up on it.

When did all this start? I would have to say when I was a kid and I heard about how you could go play with the Pros, I wanted to go then and there and show em how good I was, I never did though.

I always say I bleed red for a reason, I am a Red Sox fan to the very core. What used to be a heart wrenching experience as a child, turned to gut wrenching as a young adult, and turned into unfettered rapture as an adult.

I have become friend’s with Joe, a fellow Red Sox fan to the core who lives out in San Francisco. He mentioned going to camp in 2007 for the 2008 year, so I told him to put it off for a year until I was 30 and then we could both go for the experience together.

Well, I am 30 and early last spring we both sent in our deposits and this journey was started.

In 19 days I board a plane to head down to Fort Myer’s Florida to the Red Sox Spring Training Facility at City of Palms Park where I will spend a week with other Red Sox fans as we play on the same fields as the team we cheer for all year long.

Excitment is an understatement for how I feel leading up to this, but I am also nervous at the same time.

This will be a blog that will chronicle my experience before, during and after in tandem with my Flickr Account and my Twitter Account.

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