Congratulations to #14

Earlier today a great bit of news was released to the world by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

James Edward Rice, #14 on the Boston Red Sox for the entirely of his 16 seasons in Major League baseball was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

This was Jim’s final year of standard eligibility, if he had not been voted in with the 76.4% vote he received, then his only option to get into the Hall of Fame would have been via the Veterans Committee or buying a ticket at the door.

Also elected this year were Ricky Henderson(94.8%), and Joe Gordan(Veteran’s Committee).

I am happy to see that one of the great Red Sox players from the past has finally been recognized the way he was meant to be for his play over the years. I also look forward to meeting and congratulating him in person while at camp in February.

I also hope to be able to get a photo of me with both Jim and Yaz.


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