The Verge of Perfection

Yes, the Patriots are on the verge of perfection.

It will be ever so sweet if they win, they will create a new bar to be reached, a new status for all teams to attempt to achieve.

They will also shut those damn aging 1972 Dolphins who’s only purpose for existence is to hold onto this one small speck of glory that they cling to every year.

Just to point out a few things to some people about that 1972 Dolphins team, it really isn’t as impressive as you may think.

In that season, the Dolphins played 2 teams who finished the season with a winning record. Also, they played no other teams who qualified for the playoffs that year.

This year, the Patriots played 6 teams who ended up in post season play, 4 of which were division winners versus wildcard winners.

So yeah, the competition the Dolphins were up against was basically nothing, an impressive feat, but it wasn’t quite worthy of the legend status that it has been built up to over the year.

Let’s go Pats!!

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