What is that Smell?

What is that smell? You know you know it….

It’s the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of hot dogs, cotton candy, pretzels, mustard(even if gross), popcorn and all those other smells, most of them good and some of them bad.

It’s springtime, which means baseball spring training!!!


or in the park as the case may technically be.

We come into Spring Training as a set of fans with high hopes for our team, they won the World Series last year for the 2nd time in 4 seasons, which for this team is something quite amazing. I personally thank the ownership for this, they have certainly put an emphasis on winning, not just on competing, and they actually appear to care about their investment, unlike the past ownership group of the Yawkeys and the Yawkey Trust.

I feel good about the chances for the team this year, with a high percentage of the team coming back, and a lot of young stars who look poised and hungry to win instead of laying back and enjoying the success they have had early.

Some high points so far:
– Manny on time to Spring Training
– Big Papi’s knee is in good shape, a little sore but no major problems
– Pitching staff is in good shape

Some low points so far:
– Schilling’s shoulder, pretty sure he is gonna be done for the season, but who knows?
– Coco Crisp, I like Coco, he is a walking WebGem producer, and while I wish there was a way to keep him and Jacoby, but  I don;t see that as viable, unless he really picks up the offense, he will likely go in trade for a good utility player, hopefully one with a strong bat.

I feel confident and I look forward to seeing how everything pans out, and hopefully we will see great things from this team this year.

I am hoping for no sophmore slump from Pedroia and an awesome rookie year from Jacoby Ellsbury.


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