Collective Sigh of Relief!!!

Collective Sigh of Relief!!!

Yes, you heard it when the news came out, all of the Red Sox fans around our great country and the world let out a giant sign of relief when it was announced that Eric Gagne has declined the offer of arbitration from the Boston Red Sox!!!

How excited are you about this? Isn’t this just the best news you could ever hope for?!?!

On the downside, due to his horrendous performances with the Red Sox this past year, he was downgraded from a Type A to a Type B Free agent, so what this means to the Red Sox is that instead of getting 2 Draft Picks next year, they only get 1 “sandwich pick” which is a pick in round 1A which takes place in between the regular round 1 and round 2. If he had remained a Type A they would have gotten a First Round pick as well as a sandwich pick.


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