Oh Manny… Why? Why did you do it?

Manny has now switched agents to that one guy who we all know and love!!!

Scot Boras, the dregs of the agent world and one of the people who we can definitely all blame for the outrageous salaries that we see sports stars making nowadays, a media whore like no other(except maybe Peyton Manning, but at least his is advertising something other than himself).

Also, not sure how to take Manny’s comments about the team picking up his options for ’09 and ’10. I know Manny has said he wants to play for a long time and be like Julio Franco(who is 50 this year and still looking to play) and I am not sure if the Sox should pick up his 20 million or not, it’s an iffy situation from my point of view. He is still a great player, and he is still worth having on a team, but is he worth 20 million? and would it be worth it to the team to over pay him with that 20 million to keep him off another team? Deep questions….

From Extra Bases on Boston.com:
Manny Ramirez is hiring Scott Boras as his agent, a friend of the Red Sox left fielder told SI.com Friday.

Sox GM Theo Epstein confirmed by email to SI.com that Ramirez informed him of the change within the last few days, according to the report.

It is unclear at the moment what the change means for the Red Sox. Boston has a $20 million team option on Ramirez for each of the next two seasons. Ramirez told reporters Thursday he would not demand the Sox pick up his options.

“They’re the ones who’ve got my options, it’s up to them to say, ‘OK, we’re going to pay,'” Ramírez said. “It’s not up to me to go into the office and demand a four-year deal, or whatever. I’m going to come here to play the game, finish my year. If they want me to come back, I’ll come back.

“I want to finish my career here, but it’s up to them. If that doesn’t happen, hey, I’ll go and play somewhere else. I know I can still play and what else can I say? It’s up to them. I’m not the one who writes the checks.”


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