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They Really Mean It!!

So they say it every flight, as you are landing and taxining and they are covering the don’t get up til the light goes off, blah blah blah blah, be careful objects may have shifted, etc etc etc

Well, they are right, sometimes they do.

We landed tonight, taxied, pull up to the gate, people sprint up from their seats, someone opens the overhead compartment and BOOM, laptop bag falls out, knocks a woman on the head and knocks her our cold in here seat…

that’s gotta suck…. just add one more reason to why I always like to sit in the window seats….

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wicked messed up movie… but good…. been watching it on Showtime late night while waiting for my laundry to be done here in the hotel….

laundry is all done… I was so twisted up over the weekend and Monday I had to pack a suitcase of almost all dirty clothes for my trip this week… insanity!!

3 day weekend to catch up this weekend though… that is my goal…

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I Love Honesty

So I was checking in last night to my hotel, and the guy asks me what company I work for, I know they do this for some type of research or whatever, and since I am a “VIP” because of how often I stay at that brand of hotel, I joke with the guy and say I don’t work for a company, I do all this traveling for fun and recreation.

He looks up from his screen and says to me in a stone cold face…

“Sir, you’re in Meriden, CT. No one comes here for fun and recreation”


I love people sometimes.


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I need to plan better…

So I failed to get any laundry done this past weekend and I slacked and did none on Monday while I was home and then realized I needed to do laundry to pack to go away this week….

So I said screw it on Tuesday morning and put on clean clothes, and then packed a suitcase full of dirty laundry, and then tossed in some powdered Tide, and I will just do laundry when I get to the hotel.

fast forward….

6:30 and I am at the hotel, just picked up dinner and am back at my room eating it… Red Sox start in 30 minutes so I am ready for it and put off doing the laundry til later since I only have to walk downstairs to do it.

10pm rolls around, and the game is wrapping up, Sox win, YAY.

I go to look at the hotel map and see where the laundry is exactly, but I can’t find it and I go down to the desk to ask.

uh oh, this hotel has no laundry – only one I have ever been to that doesn’t, that sucks.

Is there a laundromat nearby? certainly, right across the street, but wait, oh yes, it closes at 10….


backup clothes are on today and hopefully I will be out of here in time to hit up a laundromat before I go to the airport for my flight tonight….


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Are You Ferserious?

Now, I understand that some people have allergies etc, and I can see some special accommodations  being made by companies for people who are allergic to certain things.

but today, i think things went a bit far with this while on a United flight serviced by Ted.

Someone had a peanut allergy and there were no peanuts or anything with any type of peanut ingredients allowed on the entire plane.

What the hell? The guy sitting next to me got yelled at by the stewardess for eating a snickers bar, and another person was told they had to put their reese’s pieces away immediately and not open them again until they were off the plane.

They would not tell us where the person was seated, I could totally understand asking anyone near this person to not eat any, but if this person is in the last row of the plane, then why not let the people in the front eat a snickers or some reese’s pieces on the flight?

Honestly, if you have that severe an allergy, contemplate some other solution to travel or get yourself a bubble or something like that.


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Check Out the Ass I Got When I Was In Kentucky!

How fucking awesome is that?


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Been Drivin All Night and Hands Wet on the Wheel

and no, not just quoting a great song, that is actually what I have been doing since last night…

To sum it up Reader’s Digest style…

I had a flight, Montgomery to Memphis to Boston.

That was canceled so I was moved to a Montgomery to Charlotte to Washington DC flight in hopes of getting me closer and then just taking Amtrak back to Boston so I could be here in order to work today in Burlington doing a rebuild on a live system.

Well, my DC flight from Charlotte was canceled, and with the likelihood of the 9:45 flight not going either so I could get my 5:30 train in Washington to Boston I needed to improvise…

Ned rented a one way rental to Boston!

So Ned drove all last night from Charlotte, NC back to Waltham.

almost exactly 13 hours.

2 stops for gas, which included food at one, and a pee break at another

3 stops to pee on top of those 2 stops for gas, and I grabbed food at the last pee stop.

I was a slightly nice person and gave a ride to 2 people who were stuck on their way home from Cancun and were stuck there because their flight back to Boston was canceled and they could not get a rental car to get home. Lucky me, they paid for gas, tolls and gave me a few bucks as a thank you, but I am going to expense tolls and gas anyway, not that it is a huge amount of money, but a nice little bonus as far as I am concerned.

Definitely an early to bed for sleep night tonight for me.

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Country’s BBQ in Troy, AL

Dinner was alright, got the conglomeration plate.

Ribs were good, the pulled pork was pretty good, but the beef was a bit overdone, and tough, I don’t mind overdone if it is fall off the bone and tender, but this was not that kind of beef.

I had some wings to start off with, and they were pretty mediocre, basically deep fried and then tossed with Red Hot, and def red hot though, not a generic.

What is it with pickles down here? I got a pulled pork sandwich for lunch at another local place, and the put pickles on it. What the hell? onions I can understand, but pickles on a pulled pork bbq sandwich?!?!? I spit out my first bite right onto the plate! it was gross!

Anyway, the conglomeration plate had a bed of pickle slices and pickled onions.


damn pickle pushers!


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Where Do Old, Over Controlling, and Annoying Flight Attendants Go?

They get thrown on Regional jet flights where they are the only flight attendant on the flight and get to have complete control and exercise their god complex!!

So, first thing I am on the plane, I have Seat 1D, which means no seat in front of me on the ever so small CanadAir regional jet, but I took that seat because there would be no one sitting next to me, which is always a nice thing. So I get on and she sees where I am sitting and right away she starts out with the “you need to put that bag in the overhead compartment since you don’t have a seat to put it under in front of you”

“thank you, I know I just need to re-arrange a few things first”

and I get into the row and start to re-arrange some of the things in the bag so it will fit up there, and while I am doing so she comes over to remind me again that I need to put it up above and again I remind her that I am moving some things around so I can fit it in the overhead compartment so it willbe a few minutes”

As soon as I am done telling her that, she says “I am going to hold people from boarding to you can go down the aisle and put yout bag in an overhead compartment, I will let you keep a book with you though so you don’t have to get it once we are up in the air”

Hello?!? Did you not listen to me when I said I was re-arraigning things and would be a couple minutes? Gee, thanks, I get to keep a book? How thoughtful and nice of you!

So then, we are sitting down, I have my headphones with me and a bottle of water I had gotten, and I get scolded that I cannot put the bottle of water in the pocket in front of me because it is only meant for magazines, the safety card and the air sickness bag, and if there is any kind of major turbulence then the bottle could fly and hit someone. So I should hold into it in my hands instead.

Are you serious woman? If there is turbulence enough to shake the bottle free from the seat pocket in front of me and could go hit someone else, do you really think that I will be able to keep hold of it in the same turbulence? Personally, I am more worried about why we would be having that bad of turbulence that would cause that to happen more so than that bottle going off somewhere. My guess is that if the turbulence is that bad, the plane is probably gonna go down and crash at that point and I would rather get knocked out with a bottle of water and be unconscious instead of being conscious and watching the ground come at me really fast.

SO THEN we are up and flying… and we have not leveled off yet, but I plugged my headphones into my mindisc and put them on my head because it was about the time that they always announce we can do it (even though I usually have them on before we leave the ground), and she then scolds me that I am not allowed to use approved electronics yet on the flight and I give her the “are you serious” look and she does that little thing that your mom does with her finger that means turn it off. So I turn it off and take the headphones off my ears.


What the hell?!?!

Does anyone know if I can buy a shirt that says “I fly 6000 miles a week, leave me alone, I know what I am doing”


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To Semi Quote Denny Green – “It was what I thought it was”

That’s what I have to say about the Mexican Place called Hacienda’s here in Warsaw, IN.

It was exactly what I was expecting from a mexican resteraunt here in the state if Indiana.

I got the fajitas, tough to really screw it up… and they did not but it just was severely underwhelming of a meal… I skipped the beans, and no peppers with the fajitas.

I got 3 strips of chicken, and 5 strips of steak. but they gave me 5 fajitas wraps. Do they really think I can stretch that out to many wraps? Also, the onions, normally you would expect some nice slices or rings all saute’d up? Not at this place! Super high class! Ya know those micro-sized diced onions you get on a McDonald’s hamburger? Picture those saute’d up underneath my heaping portions of meat. Yeah, that REALLY got me all kinds of excited when it arrived to the table!!

The salsa tasted more like Hunts Tomato paste mixed with some jalapeno juice…


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