As Time Slows and Comes Near an End…

So it is now 8pm, and we have 4 hours until the Red Sox time limit on exclusive rights to negotiate with Mike Lowell are coming close to an end.

I am hoping that he is able to be signed, however I have a feeling the 3 years I have heard being offered to him, is not the 4 years he is looking to get from the team he ultimately will sign with, which is going to cause him not to be signed by the Red Sox. Sad to see him go, but that is baseball nowadays.

While this is tragic and a blow to the team, I think it is what is going to happen, I hope I am wrong though.


Assuming I am right, what do the Red Sox do?

The most obvious option would be Arod. Good as far as defense and offensive production, as well as being a slugger that the would be able to take over once Manny leaves. However, I am not a fan of the reputation he has in the clubhouse, and his track record in the playoffs, on top of the money he is demanding(30-35 million/year for 8-10 years). We finally got rid of that fake bambino curse, do we really need to bring in a new fake curse of arod?

Miggy Cabrera is a trade option, and the Marlins are looking to deal him. He has 1 year left on his contract with Florida, so it would be a 1 year trade unless a contract can be worked into the trade deal. I think this is a great option due to his age, and potential long term contract for a good third baseman who has good offensive stats. The potential downsides, the Red Sox could be forced to give up too many good prospects to the Marlins, on top of that there is the National League to American League transition problem that may or may not be a factor.

Joe Crede is also a trade option from Chicago, I can see it happening, depending on what Chicago is looking for, but his offensive numbers are just not that great, and to make up for Lowell just doesn’t make me like him. He would benefit from The Green Monster, but that is only half the season, the other half would be in the same parks where he hits .260, and never had 100 RBIs in a single season, and all of this on top of a season shortened by an injury with back surgery.

Those are the main transactions outside of Lowell that I see happening to get a third baseman.

Then we have possible “internal” changes that could change what their search will make them look for in the off-season.

Moving Youk over to thirdbase.

Now if they make this change, then it opens up some interesting options for the Red Sox.

There are some free agents who would fit well, one of these is Eric Hinske, who has been on the Red Sox for the past year and a half after a trade with Toronto. This would work well I think, he has fairly good stats, and I think with more playing time he would be even better, and he already knows the Red Sox, their organization, and most of the players.

Another option would be to bring up Lars Anderson from the minors and throw him into the mix, not really sure how that ould really work out, but he has been good in the minors and I am expecting to see quite a bit of work out of him in Spring Training this upcoming year.

Well, those are the options, and my personal preferences in order…

Lars coming up, AND sign Hinske as well.
Sign Hinske straight up
Trade for Miggy and get a 5 year contract for him.

and not to sign arod, not a good business decision to sign him from my point of view.


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