Changes to Our Home Away From Home at Home

As it has become standard every winter since the new ownership took over the Red Sox, there are changes going on at the sacred grounds we all know and love, called Fenway Park.

I have traveled around and been a fair number of other parks, both minor league and major league, some old, and some of the newer stadiums out there such as Coors Field in Denver, Chase Field in Phoenix, Jacobs Field inĀ  Cleveland. None of these parks give you the same feeling as Fenway. I am sure that Wrigley may give me a similar feeling, but I don’t know yet since I have yet to go to a game there. There is something magical about Fenway that no other field can capture, even if they do have cupholders at every seat, gourmet food, beer in the stands, fancy restaurants, and unobstructed views. It cannot be fully described, but it is there and you know it when you feel it.

Anyway, before I drift off into a melancholy state…. Fenway is changing yet again this winter. The major things that we will see change in Fenway when we go back next spring:

1- They have ripped out all the bleacher seats and are replacing them with new ones, not sure if they will be any bigger, but they will be new, and probably have cup holders in them. Gotta keep up with the Jones right?

2- The old green garage door in centerfield will be gone. I am not sure where they are going to keep the batting practice nets next year, probably down in the left field garage door area, but the center field area is becoming a resaurant. Probably cost you $15 for a burger, but it will be there none the less, and open year round not just during the summer or during games. In fact, they are not even sure if it will be open during games or not due to the fact that the windows will be in direct line of sight for the hitters. So we may see green shades drawn for the games, however people will be able to watch batting practice and other such events through the windows.

Those are the major changes, some other changes are ficing the roofs above the grandstands which are rusting and rotting away, as well as fixing up some of the boxes and upper stands which were put in back around the time of the All Star game in 99.
For a full story on what is going on at Fenway:


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