The Little Big Man!

As I have stated before, I like Dustin Pedroia as a player on the Red Sox, I think he could definitely be the one who gets the description of a “grinder” when it comes to playing the right hand side of the middle infield on the Sox.

He was off to a very rocky start this year, and after the month of April, if you thought he had any shot at the Rookie of the Year Honors, then you were either a die hard believer, or you are just straight up lying.

However, after a significant improvement over the sumer and with his manager sticking with him through the rough adjustment in the beginning of the season, we now have the first Rookie of the Year given to a Red Sox player since Nomar got it 10 years ago.

Dustin Pedroia, your 2007 Major League Baseball Rookie fo the Year!


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